California Labor Law Posters

Who Must PostPreview / Print
All EmployersMinimum Wage Poster
All EmployersPayday Notice
All EmployersSafety & Health Protection on the job
All EmployersEmergency Phone Numbers
All Employers using hazardous or toxic substancesAccess to medical and exposure records
All EmployersNotice to employees - injuries caused by work
All EmployersNotice of workers' compensation carier & coverage
All EmployersWhistleblower Protections
All EmployersNo Smoking Signage
Public works awarding bodies & contractorsPrevailing WageRate Determinations
All EmployersIWC Wage Orders
Employers with 5-49 employeesPregnancy disability leave
Employers with 50 or more employees and all public agenciesFamily care & medical leave (CFRA leave) & pregnancy disability leave
All EmployersNotice to Employees
All EmployersNotice to employees: unemployment insurance benefits
All EmployersNotice to employees: time off to vote
All EmployersEqual employment opportunity is the law
All EmployersMinimum Wage (FLSA)
All EmployersNotice: Employee Polygraphi Protection Act
All employers with 50 or more employees & all public agenciesFamily & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

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